Feminine Identity Morv’s new line inspires a sense of feminine identity. Through our playful prints and bold aesthetic, we want women to feel empowered. The silhouettes... The Prints Suffragette Emerald Print Exquisitely designed to empower a sense of feminine identity, the images of the Suffragettes are interwoven with an emerald... Events: June 2017 - August 2017 30th June As a long awaited sequel to Peggy Guggenheim’s 31 Women exhibition in 1943, Breese Little’s 31Women will show artists from Guggenheim’s... Women for Women International: the organisation that is empowering marginalised women In countries affected by conflict, rape is used as a brutal weapon. In fact, it is now believed that it is more dangerous to be a woman as opposed to a... Adwoa Aboah - Gurls Talk With a defiant mission to empower the younger generation, in 2015 Adwoa Aboah founded Gurls Talk With her shaved head, striking freckles and... Arvida Byström is re-imagining the way we see the female body With a penchant for pastel colours, the Swedish-born ‘bubblegum feminist’ may seem to endorse the female stereotype of all things pink and pretty.... Frida Kahlo Seventy two years on from her death, the world is still fascinated by the enigmatic figure that was Magadelena Carmen Frida Kahlo. Bold, beautiful and... Betony Vernon is re-interpreting the way we think about sex Sex and design go hand-in-hand for Betony Vernon. The American born author and sexual anthropologist is a pioneer of a rare art form: luxury erotic... The Guerrilla Girls continue to cause trouble Since 1985, the Guerrilla Girls have been ‘creatively complaining’ about discrimination in the art world. The all-female group are notoriously... La Barbe: the French feminists armed with beards On the morning of Bastille Day in 2012, the female statues at Place de la Concorde appeared to be wearing false beards. Even Marianne de Paris, the...

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